Georgia breakdancers prepare for weekend recital

For those of us who grew up in the late 1970s and early 1980s, there’s no style of dance more iconic than breakdancing.

I’ll be honest – I saw it once in an episode of “Miami Vice” and was immediately obsessed.  So spending the morning with some pioneers of the incredibly athletic style of dance is always a thrill – especially when those dancers happen to be great teachers, too.

The Good Day feature team spent the morning at Acworth’s Rockwell Dance Academy, founded by a true master of the craft, Honey Rockwell.

You’ve probably seen her on Good Day Atlanta in the past – but in case you haven’t, Honey Rockwell was born in raised in the South Bronx, where she began dancing as a young child.  After switching to breakdance, Rockwell’s career went into overdrive -- she performed off-Broadway, toured nationally, and has danced in films and video games.

In 2013, Rockwell opened the Acworth academy with husband Orko, and together the two carry on the legacy of the original “b-boys” and “b-girls” and pass those skills on to new generations of dancers.

Rockwell Dance Academy will host its 5th annual recital – called “Get Lit!” – on Saturday, May 18th, at 2 p.m. at Barber Middle School in Acworth. Tickets may be purchased online and cost $20 per person in advance or $25 on the day of the event. Registration is also open for the academy’s summer camps, which run for week-long sessions starting June 3rd. 

So, the last time we spent a morning at Rockwell Dance Academy, I got a new name – P-Fox – and learned some slick new moves. But don’t think we’re finished yet!  We did it again this morning, and I furthered my career as a b-boy by picking up some new routines.  Click the video player above to check out more!