GA truck driver develops fitness app using tractor trailer as gym

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Commercial truck drivers aren't exactly known for being the picture of perfect health. Their jobs come with long hours, and a lot of sitting behind the wheel, but one local truck driver is hoping to change that perception, while getting fellow drivers into shape.

Every two years truck drivers must pass a federal DOT health exam to keep their commercial license. Getting to the gym for them may be tough, but a local driver says there's a way to turn their biggest tool, the truck, into a workout.

Cleo hardy's been driving a tractor trailer for the last 13 years. "In this industry you are constantly driving, back and forth back and forth across the country and around to different cities," explains Cleo.

He says the long hours meant his physical fitness was heading down hill, and he had to do something. "I wasn't able to reach the gym on a regular basis like I wanted, so I developed this concept., where I brought the gym to me," he adds.

Cleo started using his truck, as a tool for resistance and cardio, to come up with dozens of workouts. "You can grab under the cross members and just use your own body weight," Cleo shows.

He says walking, or jogging about 30 laps around the truck equals one mile and you can do about 70 leg lifts or squats as you walk the length of the truck. "I just want people to know that you can do more with a tractor trailer than drive in it and sit in it. It can also be a great resource to better yourself," Cleo says.

Now Cleo has the "Iron Trucker Fitness" app, and is sharing his knowledge with other drivers. "There are upper body, lower body cardio and core exercises," explains Cleo.

Every two years, commercial drivers must pass a physical, or risk having the brakes pulled on their license. "So you want to be sound, you want to keep your self-esteem up and feel good about yourself.  You want to eliminate things like type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, strokes. You want to be able to go home at night and see your family," Cleo shares.

Cleo says the workouts also mean he can spend more time with that family. "Earning a living shouldn't be hazardous to your health, bottom line. That's why I've developed this free app, because you can't put a price on good health," Cleo adds.

The "Iron Trucker Fitness" app is free to download. Right now it's only on the Android market, but it's on the way to the Apple market for iPhone.

Cleo says he hopes he can challenge others to look at the resources around them, and use the tools at your fingertips to stay in shape.