'Fospice' care gives sick, older shelter dogs happier final days

Lifeline Animal Project in Atlanta has a special program to give older shelter dogs who will likely never be adopted happier final days.

The center is a no-kill shelter, and it takes in dogs who are older and sick, but left in the shelter, these dogs do not have a long life expectancy. So, Lifeline started the "fospice" care program for these dogs: foster care for dogs in hospice.

Lawson Chambers is a "fospice" dog dad to pitbull-terrier mix Akira. She's eight years old and has terminal cancer. 

"I wanted to make a connection with a dog, but I wanted to learn to be a better parent," said Chambers.

Lifeline pays for all of Akira's medical care, and Chambers gives Akira a loving home to boost her spirits.

"They told me when I got her that they did not see her living longer than a year, but with all the care, I imagine she's gonna live a bit longer than that," said Chambers.

Akira is still a playful dog, despite the tumors on her leg that keep growing back. Chambers said it's tough to know his time is limited with Akira, he knows the quality of life he's giving to his "fospice" dog is invaluable.

"I think it is a reminder that just because something isn't permanent doesn't mean it isn't special, because Akira is special," said Chambers.

If you'd like to join the "fospice" care program, click HERE.

For more information on the Lifeline Animal Project, click HERE.