Flagship STEAM school opens doors in Gwinnett County

The first day of school is always exciting, but it's particularly exciting in Duluth this year thanks to the opening of a first-of-its-kind middle school.

Coleman Middle School is the county's flagship STEAM school, and will serve Gwinnett County students in grades 6-8.  The letters in STEAM stand for science, technology, engineering, arts, and math -- and classes will focus on these key areas while following the curriculum of the Gwinnett County Public Schools Academic Knowledge and Skills.  Because Coleman Middle School is the county's signature STEAM school, it includes some unique features, such as the first dance studio in a Gwinnett middle school and a music technology lab, in which students will be able to compose and produce their own songs.

Good Day Atlanta's Paul Milliken spent the morning at Coleman Middle School, getting a close look at this unique new school.