Fitness expert Maria More on workout do's and don'ts

The Fourth of July holiday is approaching, and many people will be straying away from their diets. Fitness expert Maria More stopped by Good Day Atlanta to give some fitness do's and don'ts. Below you will find four tips that will help you get back on track. For more tips and workout techniques you can follow Maria on social media @MariaMore

1. DON'T weigh yourself immediately after a food binge. Instead, give yourself seven days of consistent exercise and nutrition. This allows your body to reset, dispel any "water weight," and it prevents you from being discouraged about temporary weight gain.

2. DO "muscle cardio." Exercises that engage the muscles while challenging your cardiovascular system are ideal for both overall conditioning and a more lasting fat burn. Sample exercises include inchworm jump tucks, modified burpees, backward lunge with front kick, squat with oblique crunch, mountain climbers, jump lunges, and pop squats.

3. DO drink lots of water. At least half of your body weight in ounces is a good start. Also, add 8 oz of water before and after each meal to keep your appetite under control (and prevent consumption of extra calories.

4. DON'T beat yourself up. Too often, people dwell on a food binge and struggle with feelings of guilt and regret. Remember this is your fitness journey. Forgive yourself, reflect on what you could have done better, and move on.