Fighting through stress of school through boxing

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Alleviating anxiety and anger, one punch at a time.

A mind-body connection is now a class at Spelman College. Students wrap their hands and glove up inside a college gym. They'll work up a sweat, and work out their problems, too.

"Boxing taught me the importance of mental health, which is not stressed enough in the Black community in general," said Freshman Lechanti Bastin.

Coach Makeba Reed-Johnson created the "Black Girls Box" program last year to help foster a sense of sisterhood, while helping young women deal with stress.

"We talk about anger management, about empowering, and also most women don't have a safe space to exert aggression," Reed-Johnson explained.

"What our coach tells us all the time is that boxing allows us to be present," agreed Freshman Shea Berry.

Because time spent with the boxing pads requires focus.

The added bonus to this workout - - course credit, and knowledge that lasts beyond a semester of school.