Easy full body workout with celebrity trainer Tammy Stokes

Tammy Stokes, the founder of West Coast Workout, stops by "Good Day Atlanta" to show viewers an easy full body workout that can be done anywhere at anytime. 

Stokes says that these compound exercises work all the muscles of your body and when practiced regularly they will help get you tin shape fast, rev up your metabolism and help you burn fat.  

For more on today's workout se below. For more information on Tammy Stokes or West Coast Workout click here.

Tammy Stokes full body workout:

Half Bend + a full Toe Touch (strengthens the lower back, tones the hamstrings and increases flexibility) 

Opposite elbow to knee + a double squat (works the entire body, especially targeting the core muscles) 

Cross Lunge + a side kick ( a full body exercise targeting the hips and waist)

Crescent Lunge + a jump jack (raises the heart rate and works the shoulders, back and legs)

Core Twists (targets the abs and arms)

Side Lunge + Plie reach ( targets the inner thighs and core muscles) 

Lunge + Plies ( targets legs, shoulders and corrects posture) 

Aim for 15 to 25 repetitions of each. Do it every other day with an active lifestyle and you will see results.