Easy at home hair service

Long or short, hair care can be a challenge for busy women--especially in the summer--even more so if you have curly or textured hair.

So what if you could get your natural curls styled by professionals, without even leaving your home? Turns out--there's an app for that.

Good Day Atlanta's Portia Bruner spoke to an Atlanta businesswoman has launched “Colour.” Co-founder Debra Shigley said it's designed to help women with curly, coiled or other textured hair types manage their naturally curly tresses. The former attorney-turned entrepreneur came up with the idea after her own hair-raising ordeals as a traveling wife and mother of four.

“Traveling around the world on business, I couldn't always find a salon where I knew for sure they knew how to style and manage my type of hair. I'm half Black and half Jewish so I have lots and lots of these curls. There were some traumatic experiences and I know many other women have gone through this so I never take the matter lightly,” Shigley told Bruner.

The “Colour” app allows customers to schedule appointments seven days a week from 7 a.m. To 8 p.m. You can schedule a single visit or, for a @200 monthly service fee, the stylist will come to your home for unlimited visits--within reason. To ensure customer safety and satisfaction, Shigley said each stylist goes through a rigorous screening process.

"We watch them style natural hair from start to finish to get a sense of what they can do and how long it takes them to do it. We also conduct lengthy background checks to make sure our clients know they can trust who we are sending to their homes," Shigley said.

The stylists do not travel with shampoo bowls. Therefore, clients are required to shampoo their own hair before the stylists arrive so the stylists can get started as soon as they walk through the door.

For more information on the Colour APP click here.