Custodian fills closet at school with supplies to help homeless students

Tucked in the corner of the cafeteria at Tucker High School is a supply closet run by custodian Carolyn Collins. But this isn't just any supply closet, it's a place where homeless and struggling students can turn to get the school supplies, clothing and food they cannot get on their own.

Collins started "The Giving Closet" several years ago when she found out there were several homeless students in need walking the halls of her school everyday.

"There's a lot of kids, homeless kids in elementary, middle and high school, and I'm just trying to get them through the day, so they can come to school and not be stressed out," Collins said.

Small things like water bottles can make all the difference. "People don't think about it, but a bottle of water can mean a lot to a kid without a sturdy place to take a bath," Collins said.

Collins hopes The Giving Closet will give students who feel embarrassed about their home life find the courage to ask for help:

"It's hard for some of the kids to walk up to you and let you know they don't have, but most of the kids love me and call me 'Auntie' or 'Grand Mama,' so they trust me," Collins said.

Collins has helped dozens of students pursue their dreams of going to college, and that is all she needs to keep on giving.

"I have a smile on my face when they have a smile on their face," Collins said.

Collins runs the closet on donations and would love to get more support from the community. All donations are welcome. Just call Tucker High School at 678-874-3702.