Casting Call: March 8, 2017

You'll see the info we listed in this week's Good Day Casting Call a little further down this page.

Please follow this outline to submit yourself (or, your vehicle) for jobs as an "extra."

Send the following information ONLY to the Casting Directors via the email address provided.

  1. Three Current Pictures (Waist Up - Full Body - Side View)
  2. Stats (Height, Weight, etc.)
  3. Contact info
  4. Number of days you're available to work.

If you're chosen, someone will call you.

The one thing I can tell you is this – when it comes to doing extra work - you're either just what the casting directors are looking for, or not.

Which means, everybody has a chance at being an extra, no matter what you look like. The key is to continue to submit yourself for the various jobs. That's all.

Remember, be patient. It may take a day, or weeks before somebody calls you.

Just keep resubmitting yourself.
If you're right for a part - believe me - they'll call you.

If you have a question for Greg Clarkson, email him at
Find streets closed for filming at: Atlanta Film Office "Twitter Page" @AtlFilmEnt

WATCH: This week's Good Day Casting Call 


“Dynasty” (TV)  

* HOT Looking Attractive Younger People (Club Goers) – All Ethnicities   18 – 35yrs  * Caucasian Men/Women w/a Wealthy look & Upscale Wardrobe  40 – 70yrs      

* Also: Luxury Vehicles….2010 & Newer

* Shoots: March 21st – April 3rd

* Put “Hot Looking, or Wealthy, or Luxury Vehicle” in subject line

Casting TaylorMade

“Manifesto” (TV)

* Seeking: Men & Women for recreation of the Unabomber Court Trail    25yrs & Older 

* All Ethnicities….Shoots: March 20th, 22nd, 23rd (MUST work all 3 days)

* Put “3 Day Trail” in subject line


Tammy Smith Casting

“Black Panther”  (Film)

   (Starring: Chadwick Bozeman, Forest Whitaker)

* Black Men w/Experience Playing these African Drums: Sabar & The Talking Drum  

* Shoots Multiple Days – PAYS MORE $$$  

* Put “African Drummer” in subject line


Central Casting Georgia

“OPEN CALL for Multiple Projects” (TV/Film) 

* Men, Women & Kids in Madison & Oxford, GA.     6yrs & Older

* Where: Morgan County Library

                1131 East Ave.

                Madison, GA. 30650

* When: This Saturday – March 11th  (11am – 3pm)

* Visit website for more info & list of documents to bring:


Casting TaylorMade

“Manifesto” (TV)

* Men & Women – FBI Types for Quantico FBI Graduation scene   18yrs & Older 

* Shoots: March 17th

* Put “Quantico” in subject line

Casting TaylorMade

“Manifesto” (TV)

* Men & Women to portray Mall Shoppers  (All Ethnicities)   18yrs & Older 

* Shoots: March 27th

* Put “MALL” in subject line

Casting TaylorMade

“Manifesto” (TV)

  (The Job Pays More $$$) 

* Men/Women to portray Media Types (All Ethnicities)  25 – 60yrs   

* ALSO….REAL Stenographers, Sketch Artist, Bailiffs

* Put “MEDIA” in subject line

Casting TaylorMade

“FAM-IL-Y” (Film)

(Starring: Taylor Schilling, Kate McKinnon) 

* Men & Women comfortable Painting their Faces for multiple “Fun Overnight Shoots”

* Shoots: Next Weekend – March 10th, 11th, and 12th  (All Ages & Ethnicities)

* Put “FACEPAINT” in subject line

Central Casting Georgia   (Casting Multiple Projects)

MacGyver..MaryLou..Untitled Reba Project..The Resident…Insatiable

 * To enter their database – Stop by their offices weekdays at 10:00am & 2:00pm

    235 Peachtree St. NE – Suite 217 – Atlanta, GA. 30303

* Headshots will be taken at their Office.  

* Visit website for more info & list of documents to bring:


Central Casting Georgia

“Untitled Film Project” (Film)  

(From the minds of Devious Minds/Desperate Housewives – Starring: Reba McEntire)

* Men & Women – ALL Ages & Ethnicities to portray “Towns People”  18yrs & Older

* Put “Towns People” in subject line.


Central Casting Georgia

“The Resident” (PILOT)  

* Men & Women to portray Medical Personnel – Doctor, Nurse, Emt, etc  21yrs & Older

* All Ethnicities – Experience a Plus.   

* ALSO – Seeking an East Indian Men & Women   18yrs & Older

* Put “Medical Personnel, or East Indian Man or Women” in subject line.

Get Scene Studios (Local Acting Studio)  

* Register for: The “GSS” March Special Offer – FREE Acting Class

* Send Email: w/Name, Age, Contact Info to:

* Put “Casting Call” in subject

Extras Casting Atlanta   

“Candy Jar” (Netflix/Film)  

* Male & Female High School student types – All Ethnicities   18 – 20yrs    

* Put “High School Debaters” in subject line

Extras Casting Atlanta   

“Den of Thieves” (Film)  

* Men/Women w/a “Police Officer” look. – MUST be in great shape!!!  

* All Ethnicities    21yrs & Older   

* Put “Police Officer” in subject line

Hylton Casting

“Survivor’s Remorse” (TV / Season 4)  

* Men & Women – All Shapes, Sizes, and Ethnicities    18yrs & Older      

* To submit, please visit:


Rose Locke Casting   

“Pitch Perfect 3”  (Film)  

* Seeking those w/Current Military CAC Cards (Common Access Card)  

* OVERNIGHT SHOOT – March 18th in Marietta

* Put “CURRENT CAC” in subject line


Rose Locke Casting   

“Pitch Perfect 3”  (Film)  

* Seeking: Men / Women / Kids to portray Military Families   (All Ethnicities) 

* Shoots on Multiple Dates in Marietta

* March 17th (Day Shoot), March 18th (Overnight), March 18th, 19th & 20th  (Overnight)

* Once you've emailed in we will ask you availability for each day

* Put “SING TO ME” in subject line


Rose Locke Casting   

“The Darkest Minds”  (Film)  

* KIDS & TEENAGERS – All Shapes, Sizes and Ethnicities   6 – 19yrs      

* Shoot Dates: April 3rd – Early June 

* Put “DM Kids” in subject line


Rose Locke Casting   

“The Darkest Minds”  (Film)  

* Men & Women w/Military or Police Experience    18yrs and Older      

* Men 5’10 or Taller // Women 5’6 or Taller

* Shoot Dates: April 3rd – Early June 

* Put “DM Soldier” in subject line


Rose Locke Casting   

“Simon vs The Homo Sapiens Agenda” (Film)  

(Starring: Nick Robinson from Jurassic World)

* Real High School Football Players or Guys w/look-like Football Players   16 – 21yrs      

* Also Seeking: Experienced Cheerleaders (All Ethnicities)   16 – 21yrs

* OVERNIGHT SHOOT on March 16th

* Put “FOOTBALL PLAYER, or REAL CHEER” in subject line