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At Yeah Burger they call it, "Food you can love".

The reference is to their mission of providing on their menu, the most natural ingredients possible.  That includes organic produce, naturally raised proteins, and natural and organic dairy.

This is what they call, "Keeping it Real"!

And recently, their mission, along with their partnership with US Foods (the second largest food service operator in the country), earned them recognition on one of the most famous streets in the world...Wall Street.

Last month, US Foods chose Yeah Burger as one of America's "hidden culinary gems", and Culinary Directory and Chef Cristy Nolton went to New York to cook up some of her signature, grass fed beef burgers at the first fully functioning outdoor kitchen in front of the New York Stock Exchange.  The focus was on local chefs and their impact on the way America eats today.  According to US Foods, 55 percent of America's restaurants are independently owned, but more than 60 percent of those close within the first year.

For Nolton, it was an awesome experience, serving her Fig and Goat Cheese Burger to the movers and shakers of the financial world, and to #BurgersWithBuck, this one was a no brainer.

It starts with a double stack of grass fed beef with hydroponic Bibb lettuce and caramelized onions on a locally baked H&F bun, but it's the blend of flavors provided by the sweetness of the house made fig jam and the tanginess of local goat cheese, that really sets this one apart.

Can I get a "YEAH"?

And if you are already a fan of Yeah Burger in Virginia Highland or West Midtown, have I got some good news for you.  Three new locations are in the works, perhaps coming to an area near you.  They will open two new stores in late 2016 including one at the Exchange in Buckhead, and another in Nashville.  Then in 2017, look for another new Yeah! Burger at Peachtree Station in the Brookhaven/Chamblee area.

For more information on Yeah Burger including menu, locations, and their philosophy, go to their website yeahburger.com/.

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