Burgers With Buck: Ray's Killer Creek

When you think of a classic American Chophouse restaurant like Ray's at Killer Creek in Alpharetta, ordering a burger may not be the first thing that comes to mind.  However, once you check out the enormous Brisket Burger, thinking again might be in order.

The patty is a large brisket blend.  It's 80% brisket with a mix of strip loin and tenderloin.  It's good.  The smoked bacon is THICK cut.  Add aged cheddar cheese, Bibb lettuce, vine ripened tomato, crispy onions, bbq sauce, on a toasted brioche bun, and the results are not only tasty but quite substantial.

It's tempting to use a knife and fork to attack the Brisket Burger, and there's no shame in resorting to utensils.  However, at #BurgersWithBuck we strive to consume our burgers the way they were meant to be eaten, by hand (excluding the Triple Coronary Bypass at the Vortex, of course).

Great news if you like, or perhaps love the Brisket Burger and Alpharetta is not convenient, it is also available on the menu at Ray's in the City (downtown) and Ray's on the River (Sandy Springs). 

For more information on Ray's restaurants go to their website http://www.raysrestaurants.com/index.

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