Burgers with Buck: Pea Ridge

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It is obvious to anyone that has ever watched #BurgersWithBuck that it is an educational segment.  Regular viewers have learned more about beef blends, buns, and locally sourced ingredients than they ever thought possible, not to mention where to find a great burger in pretty much any part of the metropolitan Atlanta area.

This week however, the #BWB staff takes it even a step further, with a local history lesson.

Before we talk about Pea Ridge Restaurant and their Pea Ridge Burger, let's talk about how the restaurant got its name.  For the record, it has nothing to do with the American Civil War battle fought in northwest Arkansas in 1862. 

Did you know that the stretch of Lawrenceville Highway east of Decatur to the Rehoboth area was once known as Pea Ridge due to the abundance of pea farms in the area?  Me either. 

Now you know why the artist formerly known as the Country Café (for 30 years) has been redone, remodeled, and totally reinvented as Pea Ridge.

Now let's talk about the Pea Ridge Burger.  It consists of an eight oz. pattie, grilled to order, topped with their house made cheese sauce, and zucchini relish made with roasted peppers, capers, and balsamic vinegar.  One bite and you will likely burst into a spontaneous Burgers With Buck "thumbs up" salute...I did.

Pea Ridge is not a burger joint, but rather a neighborhood restaurant and watering hole that uses quality, locally sourced ingredients to produce an ever changing menu, depending on what is fresh and in season. 

The good news for my fellow burger lovers...the Pea Ridge Burger is never out of season.

For more information on Pea Ridge Restaurant including the complete menu and business hours, go to their website, http://www.pearidgerestaurant.com/.

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