Burgers With Buck: Lucky's Burger and Brew

It seems that a large part of the fun of being a chef is not only coming up with new and innovative culinary creations, but also giving them new and innovative monikers.  Peruse the menu at Lucky's Burger & Brew, and it becomes quite obvious that Executive Chef Ted Lescher really enjoys this part of his job.

With burger names like the Memphis Bloodhound, the Chihuahua, and the Georgia Dawg Pounder, the canine theme at Lucky's is apparent.  The restaurant is named in honor of owner Ernie Geyer's late Golden Retriever, Lucky, who's pictures adorn the walls.

Of the almost 20 varieties of burgers on the menu at Lucky's Burger & Brew, there is one that is literally larger than life.  What do you get when you combine a four lb. patty, eight slices of American Cheese, 12 strips of Applewood Smoked Bacon, seven fried eggs, a mound of onion rings, and mayonnaise all served on a specialty made challah bun?  You get "The Grim Reaper", a burger that is large enough to serve 4-to-10 people.  Now before all of you 'Man vs. Food' wannabes out there (myself included) say I could take that down by myself, consider this...many have tried but it has never been done.  I'll admit, I considered taking the challenge for about a minute, but I'm a big enough man to admit that I am not man enough to handle "The Grim Reaper" (at least not by myself).  I would loved to have stumbled across this burger back in my prime (I could have been a contender).  However, it is tasty, and perfect to split with several friends.

If "The Grim Reaper" is too much for you to handle alone (and it is), perhaps you should consider the "Undertaker".  It is a scaled down version of the Reaper that looks small by comparison, but is not.  The "Undertaker" is like "The Grim Reaper" without the obligatory gastrointestinal issues. 

There are currently two locations, one in Brookhaven and the original in Roswell, and there will soon be a third, opening in Emory Village.  For more information on Lucky's Burger & Brew, go to their website http://luckysburgerandbrew.com/.

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