Burgers With Buck: Holeman and Finch

'The Burger' from Holeman and Finch Public House in Buckhead is widely considered among the best, if not the best in America.  It doesn't have a fancy name, and it doesn't have an abundance of toppings, but what it does have is that certain something. 


The quality ingredients are simple, but all made from scratch, (excluding the Kraft American cheese slices) even the ketchup (although personally adding ketchup to this burger would be like adding steak sauce to a filet mignon).  Bottom line, it's a double cheeseburger with red onions and pickles on a house made bun, but when you put it all together, something almost magical happens.

Holeman and Finch has a wide and varied menu.  Linton Hopkins and his staff didn't set out to become known as a place to get a great burger.  In fact, 'The Burger' was initially introduced as an after 10:00 PM item with a limit of 24 per night.  That created a demand and eventually forced them to add it to the regular menu.

It's the kind of cheeseburger that takes you back to the backyard BBQ days of your youth.  One bite elicits pleasant memories that likely haven't crossed your mind in months, years, or even decades.  And the best part of all is, there are still several more bites and memories to go. 

Eating 'The Burger' with fresh cut fries and a real Coca-Cola (made with cane sugar) in a bottle, is an all-American experience. 


To get the complete story just click on the link, and for more information on 'The Burger' and Holeman and Finch Public House which will soon be opening a location at Ponce City Market, go to their website http://www.holeman-finch.com/.  And don't forget they also have three locations at Turner Field.

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