Burgers With Buck: H. Harper Station

The building is very cool.  You can almost feel the history when you walk inside what used to be the Atlanta and West Point Railroad Station on Memorial Drive in Reynoldstown.  These days, it is known as H. Harper Station, and they are making a different kind of history with their fantastic Beltline Burger.

Jerry Slater named his establishment after his grandfather, Harold Harper, who was a railroad engineer for 40 years.  Slater designed it to be the kind of place where he and his friends would like to eat, drink, and hang out when they weren't working.  While the combination of its historic past along with modern interpretations of classic cocktails and southern diner staples has proven to be quite successful, it's the burger that we came to see.  After all, the segment is not called classic cocktails with Buck (although Bourbon With Buck has been suggested as a future possibility).

The Beltline Burger consists of two, three ounce patties, double stacked with American Cheese, house B&B pickles, griddled onions, and Bibb lettuce.  Sounds pretty good, huh?  Well it is.  In fact, it's very good.  It has been recognized as one of Atlanta's best.  But wait, there's more (read in your best Ron Popeil voice).  A large serving of garlic-herb tater tots accompanies the Beltline Burger.  MMMMMMM!

When you go there, make sure you check out the foot railing under the bar.  Another cool touch.  And for more information on H. Harper Station go to their websitehttp://www.hharperstation.com/.

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