Burgers with Buck: Cypress Street Pint & Plate

It was voted the second best burger on planet earth at the 2013 World Food Championships.  Then in 2014, it was named number three in the universe.  Next month, the Sublime Burger from Cypress Street Pint & Plate will try to claim the elusive top spot in our solar system.

One taste and you'll likely say to yourself, 'Self! There are two burgers in the cosmos that are better than this?  I'll be the judge of that.'

The word sublime is defined as 'of such excellence, grandeur, or beauty as to inspire great admiration or awe'.  Another way to define it is, a pair of glazed Sublime Doughnuts as buns, a fresh ground 1/2 pound patty, with sharp cheddar cheese, Applewood Bacon, and carmelized onions.

I know what you're saying...Doughnuts for buns? Sounds too sweet to me.  It's not.  It's a wonderful blend of flavors that will leave your mouth longing for the next bite and disappointed after the last one.

BTW..this is also the only place on planet earth where you can even get the glazed style Sublime Doughnuts that are made especially for Cypress Street.

Whether you fancy yourself a burger aficionado, or if you just love a great burger this is one that you need to have on your burger resume.

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