British American Business Council hosts World Cup watch party

It's been a month since the Good Day Atlanta team revealed which country they'd be rooting for in the FIFA World Cup.  One by one, each of our anchors (and their teams, of course) was eliminated, until there were only two left standing!

Wednesday afternoon, England will face off against Croatia in the World Cup 2018 semi-finals, and fans of both teams are hoping and praying for another thrilling victory.  That includes our own Joanne Feldman, who chose England as has team, and Paul Milliken, who chose Croatia!  Paul, Joanne, and rest of the Good Day Atlanta anchors made their decisions based on results from a DNA test from 23andMe, as part of a campaign called #RootForYourRoots.  But who knew those DNA tests would lead to a semi-final showdown between our two meteorologists?

To get ready for the big game, Paul spent the morning at the Dunwoody Tavern with members of the British American Business Council, who will be hosting at watch party at 2 p.m.  Yes, it was "enemy territory" for Paul, so click on the video player above to see just how much trash-talking happened throughout the morning!