Biscuits with Buck: 'Biscuit Bar' in Marietta

Forget the salad bar.  Here comes the biscuit bar. 

Yes, you heard that right...the Biscuit Bar at The Marietta Local.

The Biscuit Bar is what you get when you combine large, fresh homemade biscuits with a ton of homemade options including chicken salad, pimento cheese, jams and jellies galore.  There's also sausage, bacon, ham, and cheese.  And don't forge their award winning fried chicken.

It's a chance to create your own biscuit masterpiece using a lot of your favorite southern, comfort food classics.   Eating a couple of these will likely give new meaning to bellying up to the bar, and it's likely coming to a event near you this summer.

Pick your favorite excuse to throw a party...Memorial Day celebrations, Father's Day get togethers, graduation parties, and rehearsal dinners...and a biscuit bar is likely to make it better. 

While I'm not quite ready to trade in #BurgersWithBuck for #BiscuitsWithBuck, I am ready to enjoy another Nashville Chicken Biscuit.

For more information on The Marietta Local, including their menu, catering, and of course the biscuit bar...go to their website,