Be cardiac arrest ready with Atlanta's CPR kiosks

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Every second counts when it comes to cardiac arrest.

June 1 to the 7 is designated as National CPR and AED Awareness Week, and the American Heart Association is making sure everyone is up on their game when it comes to saving lives.

The organization's latest initiative is a kiosk that gives anyone the opportunity to practice CPR hands-only techniques.

The first was introduced in 2013, in the Dallas Fort Worth Airport. Now there are more than 30 across the country, and Atlanta is home to three of them.

The latest kiosk is at the Georgia Congress Center, with the other two being at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport and the Home Depot Headquarters.

Leaders with the American Heart Association say the goal is to have kiosks in well-populated areas so bystanders can get practice in.  

"When someone receives hands-only CPR their chance of survival is tripled," said Kristin Kyle, executive director of the American Heart Association. "Right now only about 46 percent of people receive that. So it's critically important that we get bystanders trained in hands-only CPR."

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