Atlanta makeup artist turns 'Pretty Face' into terrifying fun

It’s a workplace comedy where to 9 to 5 life is Hell — literally.  And as Adult Swim’s acclaimed series “Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell” returns for a fourth season, an Atlanta-based makeup and special effects artist gets another chance to show off his incredible talents.

Silver Scream FX Lab founder Shane Morton has worked on “Your Pretty Face…” since the show’s first season, creating some of its most memorable (and horrifying) character looks and special effects. 

Morton is a classic “monster kid” — having grown up on Universal Monsters like Dracula and The Creature from the Black Lagoon — and learned the art of the scare early. 

As he told us last year, during a profile for “The Georgia Scene” on FOX 5 Atlanta, “It all started on my third birthday, when my parents took me to see 'King Kong' …I remember going home…I snuck into the bathroom, and remember putting makeup on, and I’m looking at the mirror and I’m not seeing a little kid putting black makeup on his face, I’m seeing King Kong looking at the mirror!  I sneak out into the living room, my parents are on the sofa — roar!  They jump off the sofa, and it’s pandemonium!”

Since then, Morton and his Silver Scream FX team have worked on dozens of locally-filmed projects (including "Black Panther" and "Goosebumps 2"), but the artist says his time on the Emmy-nominated “Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell” has been a career-defining experience. 

“That one is special to me, because I was involved at the very beginning with the art direction, and I get this all the time, people see that and they can say, ‘Oh, wow, that looks like Shane’s stuff.’  I have a lot of creative freedom on that show,” he said.

The fourth season of “Your Pretty Face…” premieres May 3 on the Atlanta-based Adult Swim network.  But first, the Good Day feature team wanted to get an exclusive preview of the hilarious and horrifying special effects audiences will see this time out.  So, we spent the morning at Silver Scream FX Lab, hanging out with Shane and his team and getting a hands-on demonstration on the magic of movie makeup!