ATL Airport District shifts focus from wings to wheels during annual event

It make sense that the ATL Airport District is known primarily for housing the world’s busiest airport — after all, the word “airport” is right there in the district’s name!  But it turns out, a lot of people living in the district do just as much cycling as they do flying, which is why four big events this year will combine to shift the focus from two wings … to two wheels.

Spin the District 2019 in a unique celebration of the ATL Airport District, featuring cycling events in each of the district’s four cities — Hapeville, College Park, East Point, and Union City.  Each of the four events not only features a cycling race, but also gears up the visitor experience by including food trucks, live music, bike demos, and more. 

The idea, of course, is to shed light on the unique venues and offerings found in each of the district’s four cities, places which are often overshadowed by their proximity to Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport. 

Spin the District 2019 kicks off (or, should we say, “wheels” off?) on Saturday, May 4, with the Hapeville Criterium — a city-block race and accompanying party — and continues Sunday, May 5, with College Park Criterium, an uphill circuit race featuring some of the best riders in the country.  Then, Spin the District 2019 picks up again in the fall, with the East Point Velodrome Race on Friday, September 20, and the Union City Gran Fondo on Sunday, September 22. 

Details on all the races and registrations may be found online here.  But we also got plenty of information this morning, with a live preview of Spin the District 2019 from East Point’s Dick Lane Velodrome, which was built back in the 1970s and features infamously steep turns. 

So … did the Good Day feature team even attempt to ride on the concrete track?  OF COURSE!  Click the video player above to see how it all turned out!