FOX 9 meteorologist multiplies on screen during graphics glitch

Ever wondered what it would be like to give a weather forecast in a carnival fun house?

FOX 9 Meteorologist Jennifer McDermed got a bit of an idea when her weather graphics glitched in the middle of her forecast Tuesday night.

The glitch caused McDermed to multiply as she walked across the screen, creating the appearance of an old-school screensaver.

"Ooo that is funky! What is going on?" said McDermed as the graphics swirled around her. "I don't really know what's going on!"

At one point, McDermed walked across the screen, creating her own train of McDermeds following behind her.

"It gave me a headache! Too many of me. I can't even handle myself, let alone 10 of me," McDermed said through giggles.

It took all of McDermed's willpower to finish her forecast as she fought through her laughter.

"Whatever button you pushed, don't do it again," said FOX 9 anchor Randy Meier.