Solar eclipse seen from space

While most of us saw the total or partial solar eclipse from the ground, a lucky few got a look at it from up above.

Waiters race through Paris streets

As Paris gears up to host the Summer Olympics, the waiters of the city continued a tradition that's over 100 years old. The waiters had to go as fast as they could while carrying a plate with a croissant, a cup of coffee, and a glass of water.

Cancer survivor gets surprise proposal

Angelica May finished her last chemotherapy treatment, walked out of the clinic, and found her family and friends ready for another wonderful life moment.

Half-collapsed Alaska home goes on sale

Home pictures can be deceiving, but one listing in Alaska takes that to another level. At first the waterfront property on Zillow looks nice, but then you keep scrolling and see while the owners may be trying to sell it.

Shoppers going crazy for Trader Joe's tote

Stanley Cups aren't the only popular item causing a craze with shoppers right now. Video showed crowds trying to get their hands on a special tote bag from Trader Joe's.

Baby rhino plays in mud at Zoo Atlanta

Zoo Atlanta's newest addition to its rhino family was seen wallowing in the mud in its enclosure. Zoo officials say it's actually an important skill that helps the species keep cool during hot weather.