Zoo Atlanta's panda twins play outside for the first time

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Credit: Zoo Atlanta

Zoo Atlanta’s only set of giant panda twins have reached yet another adorable milestone: playing outside for the first time.

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During their first outdoor excursion, Ya Lun was the adventurer, quickly exploring her new surroundings, while her sister Xi Lun was more reticent, according to a press release.

The cubs, who will be 7-months-old on April 3, have remained in their indoor habitat since they were born on September 3, 2016.

Under the supervision of the zoo’s animal care team, the twins, along with their mother, Lun Lun, will continue to explore the outdoors on a gradual basis at limited times during the day, the statement said. There is no guarantee visitors will catch a glimpse of them in their outdoor habitat. During Spring Break, April 3 through April 9, in anticipation of larger numbers of visitors, the cubs will be visible inside in their interior dayroom habitats.

Catch a glimpse of the cubs via the PandaCam on the zoo’s website.

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