Witness discuses toxicology in Tex McIver murder trial

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The Tex McIver murder trial continues. The first half of Thursday was spent discussing McIver's gun, and toxicology reports. 

McIver is accused of murder his wife Diane McIver in 2016. He maintains the shooting was an accident. 

Thursday morning, prosecutors wanted jurors to actually get an opportunity to get to pull the trigger of the weapon that killed Mrs. McIver and test it to see how much force it takes to pull the trigger. 

The defense objected. 

Ultimately, the judge decided jurors will be able to test the weapon during deliberations and not during the case as they are presenting it. 

Thursday also included testimony about the gunshot residue and what may or may not have been on Mr. McIver's hands. 

Mrs. McIver's BAC was also a topic of discussion. 

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