Windows of several vehicles shot out in Paulding County

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The Paulding County Sheriff's Office wants to know who fired randomly fired shot into parked cars in the middle of the night.

Kristina Thursby says her husband left for work early Thursday and found the rear of his car shattered. She called the sheriff's office.

“I couldn't tell what it was that hit it, but they said somebody had used a pellet gun to knock all these windows out.”

More damage found on a vehicle that was also parked on Pilgrim Lane near Power Springs.

“I've been going to different neighbors and some of them have cameras and some of them don't,” says Thursby. “[I'm] just asking different people if they saw anything, any suspicious cars.”

Thursby says she's lived on this street for 21 years, but has never had any problems. She says neighbors have agreed to add security cameras to their homes. They hope something like this doesn't happen again, but they say will be prepared if it does.

The Paulding County Sheriff's says it's received similar reports of damage throughout the county. Investigators tell FOX 5 News the Hiram Police Department is also looking into cases.