Why you might see more white vans in your neighborhood soon

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Residents of metro Atlanta might soon see many more unmarked white delivery vans in and around neighborhoods. That's because more of Amazon's trucks will be on our streets.

FedEx has decided to stop delivering Amazon packages. So, Amazon will rely on its own trucks. But many of those vehicles aren't marked making it difficult to know exactly who's behind the wheel.

The change prompted the Oconee County Sheriff's Office to post a warning explaining why so many of the vans may be around.

A postal worker we spoke with said she understands why neighbors are upset.

Even though Amazon said they do have a large fleet of marked vans, the company still utilizes what's called the Amazon Flex program, which allows people to use personal vehicles to deliver Amazon goods, similar to rideshare programs like Uber.

Those can include white vans, driven by drivers that are not directly employed by Amazon.

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