What happens to all those coins tossed Into fountains

Have you ever wondered what happens to the coins that are tossed into fountains after you make your special wish?

Here’s how a few different places around the United States clear their fountains of coins and what they do with the money:

In New York City, according to The Atlantic, “entrepreneurial New Yorkers” are responsible for scooping out many of the coins tossed into fountains there. Parks staff is responsible for clearing out the remaining coins every few weeks, and the money collected often goes toward maintaining the fountain’s upkeep.

The Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota, collects about $24,000 a year from its fountains and ponds. Nonprofits can submit applications to receive a cut of the funds collected.

At Walt Disney World,  thousands of dollars in coins that are collected from fountains and waterways around Disney World go to support foster children living in Florida. Now there’s a cause worth tossing a coin for!