Watchdog: TSA is failing in mission to secure airports

Some disturbing news for air travelers especially with the holiday season coming up.

Two top federal watchdog groups say the Transportation Security Administration is failing in its mission to secure airports.

The House Oversight committee heard from auditors yesterday and the new report which revealed 95% of prohibited items including weapons, gun, and bombs made it through checkpoints in covert undercover tests.
Congressional lawmakers called TSA's performance, "horrific".

The tests were conducted by the Inspector General for Homeland Security.

FOX 11's Sandra Endo talked to travelers at LAX, air traveler Kanani Burdett said "we have to stand in line and go through all that and TSA isn't even doing its job? It doesn't sit well with me."

Other travelers were not surprised but said they felt safe flying regardless of the news.

TSA administrator Peter Neffenger is set to testify in front of lawmakers today. The agency has admitted to failures in the past and says it imposed immediate changes.

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