Walmart tests Scan & Go app

Walmart is taking a second stab at making check-out more mobile than ever.  It's testing its app Scan & Go.

The retail giant tried this concept back in 2013, but customers weren't quite ready for it.  But four years ago was long time ago in technology terms. And the company is now betting we're savvier so it's testing again its Scan & Go app.

Now, it's been in use for a little while at its Sam's Club warehouse stores.

Sam's Warehouse employee, Michaella Fulton, walks us through the process.

"You get the item you want to purchase."  Then you use the app to scan the item's barcode which puts it into the app cart. Keep shopping. When you're done, hit pay and your card on file with the app will be charged.

Ms. Fulton says you then hand your phone to someone at check out. "I'm passing him my phone so that he can scan my barcode."  That final, single barcode reads all of the purchases and shows that you've paid.  Your receipt is emailed to you.

It sounds simple. Like I said, Sam's Club customers have been working this out for a few months now and here's some feedback.

"I usually have a giant cart that is stacked as high as me," said  Lindsay Durden laughing. "So, it makes it easier not to have to bring it to the counter because they make you take it off the cart and put it on another one as they scan it. So, it takes about twice or three times as long doing it that way as opposed to doing it myself."

If all goes well, you can see this is Georgia stores sometime late this year, early next year.

For shoppers not keen on using this new technology, Walmart will still provide manned and self-checkout.