Masked man wanted for series of Waffle House robberies

A serial robber struck two Waffle House restaurants in south metro Atlanta this week. 

The surveillance video from a Coweta County Waffle House shows the man enter the restaurant dressed in black with a ski mask. Investigators say the man joked that he was wearing a mask because he was just getting over COVID. However, there was a bit more to the outfit as the Waffle House employee found out. After ordering a drink and pulling out some money as if he was going to pay, the robber reached over and helped himself to the cash in the drawer.

Investigators say it was the same man who walked through the back door of a Union City Waffle House earlier that day and asked an employee for money. The video shows no cashier this time, so the robber picked up the register and smashed it to the ground. From the video, it does not appear as if he was successful in opening the register, and so he left the same way he came in.

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Robberies of Waffle House restaurants along Interstate 85 were a frequent occurrence before COVID, but had stopped afterward, according to investigators.

Proximity to the interstate had made them a target in the past, convenient for customers but also for criminals.

If you have any information in the case, call the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office.