Video shows officers using PIT maneuver to stop high-speed chase near downtown Newnan

Deputies in Coweta County said they were forced to use the PIT maneuver to end a high-speed chase before it entered downtown Newnan on Sunday.

Brandon Barton, 32, of Moreland, is facing numerous traffic and drug charges stemming from the incident.

It happened just after 10 p.m. after a deputy said they clocked Barton speeding down Bullsboro Drive. As the high-speed chase approached the downtown area, deputies performed that PIT maneuver on Jackson Street, causing Barton’s vehicle to roll over.

The incident was caught on surveillance video at the nearby Christy’s Café. The fleeing vehicle actually caused some damage to the outdoor dining area, where it came to rest. It took out the fence and damage tables and chairs.

The owner of the café said she was able to fix the damage in the two days they were normally closed. She said the deputies are actually some of her best customers, so she holds no ill-will. She said she has survived damage from the tornado in March 2021 and COVID-19 pandemic, so she will survive this.