Unlikely Bond Formed Between Rescued Deer and Dog

After an injured baby deer was left to fend for herself by her mother, a Wyoming man stepped in to nurse the deer back to health with some extra help.

Darius brought the deer home to his house to recover, making her a cast from an oatmeal box in an attempt to mend her broken leg. 

The deer quickly made friends with Darius' other pets, but became close with one pup in particular. 

The baby animal and Darius' dog "Mack" became inseparable with Mack even watching over the deer as she slept. 

Soon though, Darius decided it would be best to release the deer back to her family.

At first, the deer was hesitant to leave, but is now reunited with their family. 

Darius said he often sees them all in the fields around his home in the fall and summer. 

VIDEO COURTESY: YouTube: Honeysada