Two teens arrested in connection to burglaries, auto thefts in Troup County

LaGrange police and Troup County Sheriff's deputies are investigating burglaries and auto thefts at several businesses in the area.

Police arrested a 16-year-old and 15-year-old in connection to the crimes.

Ramazhan Dezayee is the owner of Aveen Motors LLC. He said got a call from a deputy ate Sunday morning, saying his car dealership had been broken in to.

"I noticed that the window was busted. And the other front window was also open," Dezayee said.

He said it was clear the crooks attempted to break down the door, based on the muddy footprints they left behind. However, they ultimately went in through the window by using a cinder block.

Once inside, Dezayee said it’s obvious they were looking for specific things.

"Keys, money. I mean, it was crazy, they had papers thrown everywhere. I don’t get it. Why would they even do something like that?" he said. 

But the criminals came up dry.

Dezayee said he’s been a victim of a burglary before, so he’s learned to take car keys and titles home with him.

Unfortunately, others weren’t as lucky.

The teenagers accused of breaking into Aveen motors is tied to crimes involving 15 different businesses or people, according to authorities. Those include:

  • Ride N Steady Dealership
  • Quality Muffler
  • 85 South Auto
  • North Side Motors
  • Hometown Vapors
  • LaGrange Car Wash
  • Traylor's Pawn Shop
  • Cordelle Cameron
  • Sharonica Sharpe
  • Wicked Wrench
  • Aveen Motors
  • Anglin Automotive
  • Williams Automotive
  • Tela Hand
  • Full Metal Jacket

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Police said in some cases, the suspects removed or disabled the power meter boxes, likely to try to turn off the surveillance systems. 

They then broke in, stole cash, car keys, and cars. 

Police said they also stole cars from individual people.

Dezayee said he hopes the people responsible learn their lesson and stop committing crimes that potentially put others and themselves in danger.

"This path that they’re taking, it’s not going to take them anywhere in life. Where they’re at now, jail or they could get killed," he said 

Lagrange police said all but one of the stolen cars have been found and will be returned to the owner or business.

Anyone with information please call the Lagrange Police Department or Troupe County Sheriff’s Office.

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