Tree limb crashes through roof of Forest Park couple's home

A Forest Park couple had a close call when a tree shot through their roof like a dagger.

Terry Martin and his wife were starting to fall asleep Saturday night when they heard what sounded like something crashing on to the roof of the house. 

"The first thought that goes through your mind is, is this another limb falling, or is this an entire tree," Martin said. 

Martin said those few seconds of uncertainty felt like a lifetime. 

"It was the scariest thing I think I have ever in my life experienced because there is nowhere you can go. You can't see, it's dark. You don't know what's going on around you. You can just hear the impact," he said. 

When Martin turned on the lights, he saw a tree had crashed through the roof of their bathroom had come into the room. 

The tree came just several feet from the foot of the couple's bed. 

"I felt blessed. I felt like it's a second chance. I almost didn't make it," Martin said. "I mean, I could have easily been taken last night."

He said tree branches have fallen on the house before but he's never experienced anything like this. 

He said this close call is a reminder to take time to look around at the trees near your home and remove any that could cause damage during a storm.