Tree crashes into home, slicing it down the middle in NW Atlanta

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Friday's storms caused major damage across metro Atlanta.  When a tree fell in Northwest Atlanta it destroyed one home, took out power lines and a gas meter. 

Bob Lundsten lives on Woodley Drive.  He was home when the storm rolled in. "It was pretty bad, it got pitch black, it got really, really windy," said Lundsten. 

That's when a single tree came crashing down. The tree sliced right through the center of a house.  The family who lived there had just moved out two days ago.  Their children's bedrooms were on the top floor.  "Two bedrooms where the kids were staying, it could have been bad, they were really, really lucky," said Lundsten.

The top of the tree landed on the next house down the street causing minor damage.  It also knocked out a gas meter. Crews from the gas company worked into the night to find the leak as gas seeped into the air. As repairs to the line were made, neighbors counted their blessings no one was hurt.

"I shudder to think about what would have happened if someone was there, luckily no one was," said neighbor Bob Kramer.

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