Trash Piling Up at Clarkston Apartment Complex

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A pile of uncollected garbage at a Clarkston apartment complex is more than a big stink; residents said it's also a health hazard.

The heap of trash at the back of the Portofino Apartment complex on Brockett Road in Clarkson has yellow caution tape around it. There is also a quality you can't see, the stench.

"The smell in here, it's bad," said Mary, a grandmother with three boys in the back of her car.

She and others are concerned about any health effects of the uncollected garbage.

"This is health is a health hazard, that's my biggest concern. I don't know who called you, but they need to clean that up," said Mary.

Several residents invited FOX 5 News in to see firsthand the mound of waste they say has been growing for some time now.

"When's the last time it was picked up that you know of? Maybe about three weeks, four weeks ago, maybe a month ago," said Steed Bracey.

He said it's gotten so bad a family member decided to skip the trek to the big heap of trash, opting for their balcony instead.

"The trash is on the balcony? So, I was like why do you have the trash on the balcony? You know ‘cause there's so much trash over there. So, I was like Oh My God," said Bracey.

FOX 5's George Franco tried to get to get answers, but the woman at the front office demanded the news crew leave. She did acknowledge the pile of trash and indicated pick up is on the way.

"It's in the process of being picked up," she said.

Unclear when pick up might occur, but it won't be from DeKalb County's Sanitation Department. A check of records indicates the complex uses a contractor for garbage pickup. Residents we spoke to said they're angry they have to pay rent while the garbage keeps piling up.

"Management needs to go ahead and get a private contractor, somebody come out there and clean the trash up. The trash out there, rodents, cats, flies, that's really not good for the community," said Bracey.

A number of residents said they will keep us informed about the progress of the trash pile.