Top 3 credit cards for rental insurance

Many cards cover your rental car. But, which cards are specific to your needs?

Many of you know that your credit card often carries rental car insurance, but each card can provide a little bit different service.

Wallet Hub, a finance site, really crunched the data here on this.  Fifty-seven percent of credit card rental car insurance doesn't cover all rim or tire damage.  Nearly 62 percent will cover your vehicle for 30-plus days. And more than 17 percent penalize you for damage from gravel or unpaved roads. Many plans exclude cover on open bed trucks, antique cars and full-size SUVs.

Wallet Hub ranked about 25 cards for rental car insurance.


  1. All Citibank cards
  2. All Chase cards
  3. All Barclay cards

With any card read the fine print before you get to the customer service counter and feel the pressure to use the rental car company's insurance.