There’s no such thing as 'too messy' at Spin Art Nation

So, you want to be the next Jackson Pollack? Well, we can’t promise that — but we can point you to a place where the hardest part of creating your own abstract masterpiece is choosing the paint colors!

We’re talking about Spin Art Nation, the colorful, creative, and often very messy paint studio founded by Dmitry Mikhaylov in 2020. Mikhaylov opened his first Spin Art Nation location in Sugar Hill — and even though the pandemic closed down businesses worldwide shortly thereafter, the concept proved so popular it’s now grown to include locations in four other states along with a new studio in Downtown Atlanta.

One of the reasons for that explosion in popularity is social media, of course — which means there’s a good chance you’ve seen an Instagram reel or TikTok shot in a Spin Art Nation already. But, in case you haven’t, the studios feature various "packages" from which budding artists may choose to create a painting. Options include spin art (which uses a spinning table to create abstract patterns), bicycle spin art (yes, a bicycle powers the spin table!), and splatter studio (in which you splatter your paint all over the canvas). The Atlanta and Sugar Hill locations also include "rage rooms" — and let’s just say if breaking things helps you relieve stress, these rooms are the place for you!

Spin Art Nation Sugar Hill is located at 225 Peachtree Industrial Boulevard, Suite 104, and Spin Art Nation Atlanta is located at 22 Park Place Southeast — for more information on visiting both locations and on the packages offered, click here

Now, you didn’t really think we were going to pass up the chance to spend the morning crafting our own colorful "mess-terpieces," did you? No way! Click the video player in this article to check out our morning channeling our inner Picassos at Spin Art Nation!