Terminator flashback for Schwarzenegger as elephant chases his car

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Arnold Schwarzenegger is in South Africa, and after visiting Mandela House in Soweto on Sunday, he decided to go on safari.

On Tuesday he shared a close-up encounter he and his companions had with a large elephant who was intrigued by the Austrian Oak’s transportation. So much so that after initially wandering off away from the Schwarzenegger party, the elephant soon turned on its very large heels and gave chase.

Being chased at speed, Arnold may have got some flashbacks to his old nemesis, the T-1000, pursuing his vehicle in Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Far from trying to terminate the supersized animal, however, Schwarzenegger uploaded the video to his YouTube, Instagram and Twitter accounts with various messages pleading others to stop hunting elephants for their ivory, and instead, “take a photo, not a shot.”