Carroll County grandma calls 911, says she's 'tired of taking care of all these kids'

What started as a 911 call from grandma to have her grandson spoken to, ended in two arrests and a visit from the Georgia Division of Family & Children Services (DFCS).

A Carroll County deputy responded to a home on White Rose Lane where a woman identified as Machelle Turner had reportedly asked law enforcement to talk to her 10-year-old grandson about riding his bike on Highway 113.


The deputy reported finding three minors there who said they were home alone. They brought the deputy next door to their grandmother Machelle's house.

Machelle allegedly told the deputy that she was "tired of taking care of all these kids." She told the official that their parents, Jessica and Steve Bailey, refused to step in. The grandmother also made a sexual assault claim.

DFCS was called to the residence.

Jessica Bailey (Credit: Carroll County Sheriffs Office)

While waiting for them, the deputy said Jessica pulled up to the house in a white SUV and immediately began yelling at her children, "Do you want to go back to foster care?"

The deputy asked Jessica for permission to enter her home, to which she said yes.

Upon entry, the deputy reported the overwhelming stench of animal urine and poop. The deputy noticed a fridge and freezer with a lock on them, and nothing in the kitchen cabinets besides sauces. The deputy said it was so hot inside that it felt like "being inside a vehicle on a hot summer day with no air flow." She noticed the bedroom that Jessica said she shared with Steve had an AC window unit set to 54 degrees and a fully stocked mini-fridge.

Jessica and Steve were placed under arrest for cruelty to children in the first degree. They were transported to the Carroll County Jail.

A DFCS social worker reported to the scene. It's not clear what happened to the children.