Teens lend helping hand in their communities

School may be out, but two Johns Creek teens are hard at work making a difference in the community.

Julia Scott, a rising junior, at Chattahoochee High School was bored at home when she got the idea to make ear savers.

"When you wear those masks, it kinda hurts your ears," Julia Scott said.

Scott decided essential workers desperately needed that pain to be eased, so she spent weeks building a 3D printer from scratch.

"It takes about 2.5 hours to make six ear savers," Scott said. "As soon as one batch is done, I get another one started."

Scott has already delivered hundreds of ear savers to those on the frontlines.

Just down the road, another CHS student, Praneeth Kota, is also going above and beyond.

"I had so much downtime at home that I wanted to make a difference and not be like everyone else playing video games," Praneeth Kota said

The rising senior teamed up with organizations making masks to ensure they got the supplies they need to make them.

"Then when they were finished making them, I would go and pick them up to ensure they got to the people in need," Kota said.

The two teens said it feels good to know they're making a difference and they hope by sharing their stories other teens will feel inspired to get out and help.

"It's always good to help out even if it's small," Scott said.