Teen from McDonough killed, four others hurt during party in Warner Robins

A 15-year-old from McDonough was killed and four other teens were hurt during a shooting at a party in Warner Robins. 

Tanyla Johnson was lives in McDonough but was in town for the holiday weekend. 

"A senseless tragedy happened. A shooting that by all means and purposes shouldn't have happened," said Yolanda Petty, a mother who lives in the community. 

Petty's teenage son was at a birthday party, but was not injured. 

She said the party was to celebrate an 18th birthday and was attended by teens and adults. 

"He said around 10 o'clock when the police pulled up, gunshots rang out," Petty said. 

According to Warner Robins police, officers were initially called out to the area because of a complaint about the size of the party. 

They were there when someone in a car fired shots. 

Jackie Brown lives in the neighborhood and was home when the shooting happened.

"Gunshots, I hear gunshots, and they were just going boom boom boom. I got on the floor in my bedroom," she said. 

Tanyla was a student at McDonough High School and played volleyball and basketball. 

Petty said Tanyla, her son, and others at the party were good kids, just celebrating a birthday.

She said it's a tragedy that unfortunately could have happened anywhere.  

"It wasn't about where it happened. It's about why it happened," Petty said. 

Petty has lived in Warner Robins for decades and said this should be a wake-up call that something needs to change in order to keep their children safe. 

"We say the children are our future but if we're taking their futures away what do we have?" Petty said. "It's Val's child today. I could be anybody else's tomorrow." 

Police have not yet arrested anyone in connection to the shooting. 

Tanyla's volleyball team at McDonough High School will be doing a "blue out" in her memory at their September 7th home game. 


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