Tearful testimony concludes first week of Andrea Sneiderman trial

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(Shayna Citron testified in Andrea Sneiderman's perjury trial on Thursday, August 8.)

The first week of testimony in the Andrea Sneiderman perjury trial ended with tearful testimony from the widow's former best friend.

Andrea Sneiderman is accused of lying to police and prosecutors after her husband, Rusty, was gunned down outside of a Dunwoody daycare in November 2010. Hemy Neuman, Andrea's former boss, was convicted of the fatal shooting. Prosecutors allege that Andrea was involved in an affair with Neuman, her boss at GE. Andrea Sneiderman is also accused of lying to jurors about that relationship during Neuman's murder trial.

Andrea Sneiderman maintains she did not have a romantic relationship with Neuman and did not know that her boss planned to murder her husband.

Shayna Citron took the stand on Friday for the second day in a row. On Thursday, Citron's voice cracked with tears as she talked about a conversation she had with Andrea weeks before the murder.  

Friday, Citron's testimony focused on what the widow allegedly knew about her husband's murder and when.

"She said, ‘Shayna, Shayna -- Rusty's been shot. I don't know if he's alive or dead, we're on the way to the hospital,'" Citron testified.

Prosecutors said that's significant because during Neuman's trial, the widow told jurors that she didn't know rusty had been shot until after she arrived at the hospital.

Also on Friday, jurors watched more interviews conducted by Dunwoody detectives shortly after Neuman had been arrested in the murder.

The last person on the stand Friday was a deputy police chief, who described more of his conversation with Andrea Sneiderman after Neuman was arrested. He'll likely continue his testimony when the trial resumes on Monday.

It's not yet clear if Andrea Sneiderman will take the stand in her defense.