Atlanta police say targeted DUI checkpoints effective, plan more soon

Atlanta police said fatal DUI accidents are down 40% this year and they credit an increase in targeted checkpoints.

Just last week, they targeted areas they consider "hot spots" for drunk driving and made 14 arrests in just 3 hours.

Police said they don't want to see drivers to walk that infamous line just as much as drivers don't want to have to do it.

Of the 117 accidents in Atlanta in 2021, police said 87 were fatal and 44 involved DUI.

This year there have been 30, which they said is down 40% from last year.

Body camera video from last week shows one of more than a dozen DUI arrests within a 3-hour window.

"That is a lot for a 3-hour period," Lt. Desmond Floyd said.

They were all during Cinco de Mayo as part of an Atlanta Police Department targeted checkpoint. That means officers camp out at a specific area with a proven pattern of DUI reports. Police get state approval to check every driver leaving that hotspot for a certain amount of time.

They warn there will be more of these soon.

"In the summer months we'll probably be very busy," Lt. Floyd said. "We're trying to change those behaviors."

Officers said that ride home isn't worth your license, the inconvenience, or your life.

Police said there's no excuse to drink and drive these days. They said drunk driving can easily be avoided with an Uber, Lyft or a sober friend.