Student killed, another hurt in shooting near Lamar High School

The Houston Police Department has identified an 18-year-old student Lamar High School student who was shot and killed near that campus on Tuesday afternoon as Delindsey Dwayne Mack. He and a 15-year-old girl were on Bammel Lane near West Alabama at around 12:15 p.m. Tuesday when they were approached by three suspects in what police are describing as a small dark gray four-door car, possibly a Nissan Sentra or Versa with paper license plates and a broken rear passenger window covered with plastic. An attacker in a mask walked up and opened fire.

"Once the suspect opened fire on the man and female, that suspect stood over that individual and fired more shots," Houston Police Executive Assistant Chief Troy Finner said.

This is the third Lamar High School student that has died in the last five days. Last Thursday, police said two 15-year-old boys were shot to death in an apparent murder-suicide. The incident happened inside a luxury apartment in the River Oaks area, according to investigators. 

Construction worker Pedro Enrique accidentally captured the shooting Tuesday all on his cell phone.

"I just put my phone in my pocket and I forgot to turn it off," he says. 

Enrique was recording when a round of bullets are heard being fired in the background. He was still rolling when other workers and people from a nearby church desperately tried to revive the wounded student. When they realized it was too late, one of them is heard saying, "He's not breathing." 

Mack was taken by Houston Fire Department paramedics to Ben Taub General Hospital where he was pronounced dead. The 15-year-old girl was grazed on the side by a bullet, according to police.

When it was over, shell casings littered the ground and bullet holes riddled parked cars.

Keith Mack showed up to the scene in Upper Kirby, frantically searching for his nephew's whereabouts after their family received a grim phone call. 

"A girl called his mother and she said he'd been shot, but I have yet to see him or talk to him. I've been calling his cell phone and texting him, but he hasn't answered. But I was supposed to pick him up over here somewhere," Mack said.

Lamar High School and other nearby school campuses went into lockdown during the frantic manhunt.

It turned up nothing, so far, but police say they're not giving up yet.

"Very disappointing that's it's come this this point in our city. And I've stood and I've said before, we're not just going to stand by. We need the public's support," Houston Police Executive Assistant Chief Troy Finner said. "Somebody knows these individuals that were in that vehicle. Somebody's seen that car."

Police are searching for the three suspects. The suspect who fired the shots was reportedly wearing a mask, a black hoodie, and possibly black clothing.

Detectives said all three suspect were in a black 4-door Subaru with paper plates and a plastic bag on the back passenger side window.

Multiple sources tell FOX 26 a car matching the description of the vehicle used in the shooting has been found. Sources tell us the car was found in the Third Ward earlier tonight and is being held at the HPD impound lot. Police have not yet confirmed if this is the same car.

Investigators have not identified a motive for the shooting but said it appears as though the shooting was targeted.

Although the shooting took place off campus, Lamar High School was placed on lockdown as a precaution. School officials say students on campus are safe and parents received a phone call notifying them about the situation. They said counselors will be available to staff and students Tuesday and Wednesday. Patrols have also been increased in the area.

After school activities have been canceled at Lamar High School and at Yates High School. The district says the victim was a former student at Yates High School.

Executive Assistant Chief Finner did ask that the city pray for the victim's family and asked that the city help catch those responsible.

"This is sad and I just want to ask our whole city, this young man and his family, his mother, his sisters, his brothers, pray for them because we can sit here all along and we can judge people and say 'this happened because of this,'" Executive Assistant Chief Finner said. "I don't care why it's happened. You know what, I want to put an end to it. I want get the individuals, all these individuals who are out here pulling triggers and shooting at people like they're crazy in our city."

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner released the following statement on Tuesday night in response to the shooting:

The city of Houston will not tolerate gang activity or any senseless violence on our streets, especially not the kind that targets young people.

Our children are off limits. I want parents and students to feel protected and confident while they are near or inside a school.

I support the Houston Police Department's investigation and use of all available resources to find the person or people responsible for today's violence.

If you witnessed the shooting or know anything about the perpetrators, I urge you to contact HPD or call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS. 

Somebody knows something and working together we can protect our children, keep our community safe and get violent criminals off the streets of Houston.