Street disturbances left clear video images police can use to find the lawbreakers

Street disturbances in Atlanta left clear video images of some of the lawbreakers. 

Those images may yet lead to arrests of those who ran off. How can police identify the individuals they were unable to stop? They can utilize facial recognition technology. 

The crystal clear images, in some cases, can be put into a computer program and through data checks, an investigator can find a match. 

A Buckhead merchant, Zola Dias, had his luxury boutique gutted by looters. 

When he watched surveillance video of the looting early Saturday, he recalled thinking, "So many of them did not have masks, you could see their faces..."

Dias said while his product is gone, he fully hopes police can track down and prosecute at least some of the individuals who are responsible. Dias has established a GoFundMe page.