Store clerk uses Siri to call for help during armed robbery

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A robbery victim used Siri to call for help. Police said three armed men robbed a Peachtree City Walgreens on Highway 74 Sunday night just before closing. They tied up the employees, but a quick-thinking clerk used asked Siri to make the call that she couldn't.

That employee asked Siri to call her mom. A family member said the girl was too afraid the gunmen might hear her talking to 911. So, she asked her mom to call the police for her.

Police said all three of the men were armed including one man carrying what appears to be a semi-automatic rifle.

A family member of one of the Walgreens employees told FOX 5 News the three gunmen came into this Peachtree City store at just about closing time. And as a clerk turned to say "Welcome to Walgreens," she realized the men were masked and carrying weapons.