Stone Mountain chop shop owner caught with stolen cars, fraudulent titles, police say

(DeKalb County Police Department)

A months-long investigation in Stone Mountain has ended with the bust of an alleged local chop shop hiding stolen vehicles, police say.

The DeKalb County Police Department says their investigation into the dealership began when an elderly resident reported losing $11,000 when they were sold a vehicle that was later discovered to be stolen.

According to police, the dealership switched the car's VIN number and gave the victim a fraudulent car title.

In their investigation, police say they discovered 20 fraudulent titles and several stolen vehicles hidden at the dealership.  

Police have arrested the owner of a DeKalb County chop shop after they say they discovered multiple stolen vehicles hidden in his dealership.

The owner of the dealership has been charged with theft by conversion, theft by deception, owning, operating or conducting a chop shop, and elder abuse.

Two other employees at the dealership were arrested and charged with theft by receiving and owning, operating or conducting a chop shop.